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There is a patch/pin/crest/whatever/ that I am looking for that you don't list.

We try to carry as complete a selection as possible. We do not cherry- pick only items that we feel will sell well. We feel that servicing the military community we have a responsibility to try to do exactly that. While we do list on line about 17,000 items there are still many we have that are not up yet, and many we can obtain even though they are scarce. This includes old or obsolete items. Drop us an e mail. We will do the best we can!
I want to give my Mom a Purple Heart is that OK?

We all think our Mom's deserve a Purple Heart! But unless Mom was in the military and awarded the Purple Heart it is illegal for her to wear it or any of the official representations of that medal (lapel pin, ribbon). If she wears it and someone complains or if it is noticed by the police, your Mom will wind up in the pokey.

Many fine soldiers have died to earn our country's highest awards. While it is fine and legal to collect medals, awards, and badges of the military services (as many people do, with the exception of the Medals of Honor), it is totally illegal to wear any military item that you did not earn. The law is justifiably unforgiving with wannabes.

What's more there are strict requirements for the wear of even completely earned military awards. Not only can you NOT wear your Dad's medals on your jean jacket...he can't either.
When will my custom engraved bracelet be shipped?

Delivery on custom engraved bracelets (as mentioned on the site) usually takes about a month, sometimes less. Initially you are charged only the deposit required on custom work. The balance is charged only when we ship.
How do I get a copy of my uncle's military records?

Try NARA (US National Archives & Records Administration) Access to Military Service and Pension Records :
Do you have a catalog?

We have discontinued our hard copy catalog. This is because the number of items on our site is more than double the catalog. There we have many items listed and shown which would be prohibitive to print.

Please use the home page pull down menus, the table of contents, and the search bar to look around.
How do I check the status of my order?

Simply send us an e-mail and include:
  • Last Name:
  • Order #: (looks like: 1908-6589-5380)
  • Zip Code:
  • E-Mail Address:
This link will start and e-mail with a subject of "Order Status Inquiry".
Do you ship overnight?

Yes we do. We do that using Fed Ex. The costs for Fed Ex depend on weight and location. Usually the cost is around $30.00. Should the costs of a Fed Ex package go above that which is billed, you would still be responsible for the excess Fed Ex and handling, and would receive a second bill for the difference. Please note that an item's being 'in stock' is critical so please provide info as to what item you are interested in.
Do you have a fax?

Yes. Our fax number is 973 402 7226.
We are happy to take questions and orders by fax 24 hrs a day. Please be absolutely sure to give us your FAX number to respond to, or it may not be possible to respond. Keep your copy clear, neat, and readable.
Do you have a phone?

No we don't.

We, like Amazon, are a web-based business. Our communications are done via e-mail which, in general, we are excellent at answering when other companies who use the phones, no longer answer them. It increases our efficiency and the number of people we can handle at once.
I emailed you and haven't heard anything! Do you answer your e-mail?

We try to answer all e-mail in an expeditious manner. If you do not hear back from us, odds are we did not receive it or the return address was bad. Many people do not identify themselves, no name, no address, AND the e mail address they give does not work!
Is it safe for me to use my charge card?

Despite the fact that we know of no documented case of credit card fraud over the Internet we are aware of people's security concerns. For that reason we work diligently to protect the privacy of your information which we feel subjects your credit card to less risk than leaving your number on a charge form at a restaurant.
How do I order?

You can order in several ways.

You can order thru the mail by sending your check or money order with a note to:
BattleZone Ltd
POB 266
Towaco, NJ 07082 USA

You can also order by fax, using a charge card, to 973 402 7226.
You can order by e mail, also using a charge card, Master Card, Visa, or Discover, by sending to
Can you help me do research?

Because of time constraints we cannot help you do research, but we have provided some resources for you to work with. We hope they will be of great help to you. Click here to go to a list of our research links.

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