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We are here to service and support our current military,veterans, their families and friends.

They are, and should be, proud of their service and the loyalty that they have given to our country over the years, either thru their own service or the service of a father, son, or daughter.

Our world is dangerous place. The anti-democracy forces in the world, even in our own country, are numerous and venomous. We at theBattleZone are proud to stand up with our fellow Americans, to preserve our Constitution and basic human rights for every individual; the right to speak, to practice/or not practice a religion, the right to an independant and free Press., the right to congregate, the freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to privacy and freedom from governement interference or harassment, all these things and more that constitute our freedom to live our lives based on our own choices as Americans.

Our Armed Services preserve these freedoms for us in the face of numerous threats and they are acutely aware of the support of the American people. Those who have never been called to serve should always realize the size of the unpayable debt that we owe to our citizens in uniform, and to those who are buried or imprisoned on foreign soil.

We want to encourage everyone, military and non-military to:

- Always remember those who have made for us the ultimate sacrifice.
- Help keep and promote the history and values of our Armed Services, the defenders of our free country.
It is one of our primary purposes to generate and maintain interest in the Armed Services among our young people, that they should understand the need for a well equipped and trained civilian military.

TheBattleZone has operated via mail order and the Internet since 1988. It is our aim to provide as thorough a selection of military patches, pins, etc, as possible. We do not cherry pick only the most popular 'best sellers'. We try to provide a full service. We wil not be off 'the band wagon' when the current war (whatever that may be) is over. We try to keep our service quick, efficient, and economical. Our 17,000 items on line have encouraged many thousands of happy customers to write us. Please feel free to contact us at any time! is a NJ Corportation
President Keith N Holt*

*Keith N Holt: Born in April, 1944 in Queens NY, PS 12 Queens, raised Christian and Missionary Alliance, Graduated Brooklyn Technical High School, Graduated NYU-Currently living northern New Jersey

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