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US Military Medals 1939 to Present
Col Frank Foster Mr. Lawrence Borts

U. S Decorations and Service Medals. All medals, ribbons and common foreign medals, complete color displays of Army, Navy, Marine, USAF, USCG & Merchant Marine.

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Lockheed F-117A
Operation and Development of the Stealth Fighter
Bill Sweetman & James Goodall

This book reveals the secrets held within each facet of the plane - how it was designed, how it was built, how it is used and how it was kept secret. Lockheed F-117A is packed with photos that reveal every feature of the plane. Lockheed F-117A also provides the first look inside the Skunk Works at the development process for their unique planes.

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Air Force

Comprehensive Guide To USAF Pocket/Shoulder Insignia Mottos
Jerome Polder

Covers mottos, abbreviations, aircraft and missle ID names. A collectors must.
Over 250 pages.
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Supplement to Illus.
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Comprehensive Illustrated Guide To United States Air Force Pocket/Shoulder Insignia
Volume 1 (Units 1-40) 240 pages.
6 Volumes include nearly 8000 insignia worn by USAF units since WWII. The most complete collection ever compiled, are used by the USAF for reference and are the only works of this type in the world.
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Volume 2 (Units 41-130) 240 pages
[Currently Unavailable]
Volume 3 (Units 131-410) 235 pages
[Currently Unavailable]
Volume 4 (Units 411-703) 238 pages
[Currently Unavailable]
Volume 5 (Units 704-4042) 233 pages
[Currently Unavailable]
Volume 6 (Units 4043-8189) 159 pages
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Two more books about patches.

Last Hope
The Blood Chit Story
R.E. Baldwin & Thomas Wm. McGarry

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Last Hope is the story of the often heroic effort by governments to provide their aerial warriors with the tools to evade capture when forced down in enemy controlled territory, as told by the most visible and visually stunning artifact of this effort, the Blood Chit. Illustrated with the most comprehensive collection of color photographs of Blood Chits and related evasion aids ever assembled, it provides readers an unparalleled opportunity to discover the beauty and variety of these lifesaving artifacts of war. In addition to Blood Chits, a number of the beautiful theater-made souvenir patches in the form of Blood Chits are also illustrated. This definitive history of Blood Chits from their infancy at the dawn of the air age through heir maturity at the close of World War II was compiled from accounts provided by more than fifty veteran airmen and intelligence officers from around the world, and from more than seventy formerly classified government documents. Last Hope is a thoroughly annotated and fully illustrated journey into the secretive world of air crew evasion and escape aids for the casual reader and serious researcher alike, and is a valuable resource for the military and aviation enthusiast, collector, researcher, and museum curator.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11", over 240 color and b/w photographs, 224 pages, hardcover.

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USAF Insignia Of The Persian Gulf
Jerome Polder.

68 Pages, Full Color

M-0095 ----- $15.00
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The Decorations, Medals, Badges and Insignia of the U.S. Air Force
The First 50 Years - 1947 to 1997
Lt. Col. Aldebol

Lt. Col. Aldebol, a DFC winner, provides the most comprehensive and lavishly illustrated work on all of the Decorations, Medals, Badges and Insignia of the AAF and USAF. If you can have only one book on the Air Force, this is it. Loaded with illustrations and details, this is the most complete work ever done. Complete color plates of all medals, ribbons, badges, insignia and ranks.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" 120 pages with 16 color plates, softcover.

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M-0104 ----- $24.95
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The Decorations Of The Republic of Vietnam and Her Allies 1955 To 1975
Col. Framk Foster (ret) and Mr. John Sylvester

This is the finest, most complete, beautifully colored guide to all Republic of Vietnam Military and Civilian Decorations, medals, ribbons, and unit awards. It covers RVN awards from the beginning of the state to the fall of the Republic. Includes all Vietnamese civilian awards and their different classes. Also pictures and describes all the medals of the Vietnamese allies: the United Kingdom Commonwealth, the Philippines, Thailand, Korea, and the United States as well as the French medals.; 8 1/2 by 11 inch color plates of all Republic of Vietnam Orders, decorations and medals with complete descriptions and background of all the medals.;Provides both English and Vietnamese names.; Complete order of precedence for all Republic of Vietnam Decorations and Medals. This book is the basic reference for all Republic of Vietnam awards, ribbons and devices. This is the Vietnamese counterpart to U.S. Medals 1939 to Present. 8 1/2 x 11, 96 pages. It comes only in hardback

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US Military Patch Guide

# 625002 at $32.50 in paperback
Size 8 x 11. The most complete source on United States military patches. Color plates illustrate and identify more than 2,000 patches and tabs, from World War II to the present. Accepted as one of the definitive books on military patches.

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# 625004 $37.50 in hard cover
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U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Unit Insignia
Jeff Millstein

This book is a study of the individual unit in colors and designs that only the aviator of this era could devise. A definitive study of WWII aviation unit insignia.

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M-0097 ----- $35.00
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US Navy & Marine Corps Air Power Directory

+ Organization, deployment and order of battle 9 Warfighting roles + Aircraft of the US Navy and Marine Corps + Air-launched weapons + US Navy and Marine Corps Units, every squadron flying today, complete with photos, squadron insignia and patches + Carriers and shore bases + US Coast Guard +

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M-0093 ----- $30.00
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The Elite of the Fleet - Volume 1

J.L. Pete Morgan

Presented here for the first time, are brilliant color photographs of over 800 US Navy aviation patches. Here is a partial list of contents: + Fighter Squadrons 9 Attack Squad + Tomcat Patches + Training Squadrons + Aircraft Carriers + And many more ...

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M-0065 ----- $40.00
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