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Special Note: BattleZone pledges to get for you absolutely
the lowest price possible. If you have been quoted a
lower price, give us the chance to beat that price for you!
You will not regret it!

Size In Inches200-250251-500501-10001001-2000
2 1/2$1.50$1.40$1.30$1.20
3 1/2$2.80$2.40$2.00$1.90
4 1/2$3.80$3.40$3.00$2.90
*TO FIGURE THE SIZE OF YOUR PATCH; It is the length plus the width divided by 2.

*COLORS: Listed price includes up to 6 colors, add 14 cents for ea additional color.

*Patch will be 70% embroidered.

*Metallic thread or felt background add 20%

*Normal shipping time from when order is placed with deposit, 10 weeks.

*All custom orders require a 50% deposit with order, the balance to be fully paid before delivery.

Artwork is required of approximately the same size as the patch you desire. A sample is ideal. Clearly indicate colors. Paint swatches of desired colors can be sent, but we may not be able to match those colors precisely. If you specify colors like 'red' we will use our experiencd judgment in picking standard colors. We will send you a quality patch!

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